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Photo Gallery

Photo Gallery

Craig and Clint after a hike to Cinder Cone   Sunset at Manzanita Lake   Nephew Clint   Kings Creek Cascades

The main purpose of this site is to share my photos and thoughts about my recent trip to Lassen with my nephew and not to teach a lesson in geology. If you are interested in learning more about the geology and geothermal features of Mount Lassen Volcanic National Park, please visit the official USGS fact sheet or the National Park Service web site at www.nps.gov/lavo.

The photo gallery opens a new window with a larger version of the photos above and on the following pages, and one special image at the very end—a charcoal drawing by my nephew, Clint.

I've heard it said that happiness is a journey, not a destination. Mount Lassen could very well be both a destination and a journey through some of the most beautiful and unique landscape in California. Lassen is somewhat of an unknown gem and boasts a mere 400,000 visitors per year. This is compared to the millions of visitors to Yosemite and other popular national parks.