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Bumpass Hell
Photo Gallery

Photo Gallery

mudpots at Bumpass Hell   steaming pool   steam vents   A corner of heaven

Bumpass Hell got its name from the explorer Kendall V. Bumpass who lost a leg when he broke through the thin crust and was severely scalded by the geothermally heated water. A park ranger told us that either Bumpass referred to the area as hell or that's what he said when he broke through!

It's easy to imagine that this could be the location of the central vent of the ancestral Mount Tehama. Three of four main geothermal features are present at Bumpass Hell; hot springs, fumeroles, and mudpots. Conditions at Bumpass Hell preclude the fourth type of feature known as geysers, abundant in Yellowstone National Park.

Have I intrigued you enough to plan a trip to Mount Lassen? There is so much more to learn about Lassen, including the most recent eruptions that occurred in 1914 — 1917. I hope you'll visit the U.S. Geological Survey Fact Sheet page to learn more about it. And thank you for allowing me to share my trip to Lassen of 2002 with you.